Choosing Legal Separation Options

Separation can feel overwhelming.  Looking at the legal separation options can be confusing.  Many people have questions in trying to determine just which process would be right for them.

Several divorce coaches from the Victoria collaborative group are offering a service which provides information on the range of options available, including the “kitchen-table” separation, collaboration, mediation, mediation/arbitration, lawyer-assisted negotiation and court.   It can be very helpful to meet with a coach together with your spouse for the following reasons.

First, we take a personalized approach.  We want to hear about your situation and the specific challenges you face.  We also help you identify your strengths and your goals for your family during the separation process and beyond.

Second, we are experienced in working with couples undergoing separation and the skills involved in coming to legal agreements. We can help you determine what you will need moving forward and the potential pros and cons of each process in being able to support you in meeting the needs of you and your family.

Finally, we help you to access the resources you need to separate in a healthy way.  Whether this is support in developing your skills to negotiate agreements, or obtaining financial, legal or parenting information, or accessing emotional support for your children, we will provide direction in creating your roadmap through separation.

Whether or not you choose the collaborative process, you will leave with a clear sense of next steps to take within the context of the option you have chosen. Note that the coach you see will remain neutral in providing information and will not be involved further in the process you choose, but will make referrals as appropriate. Please click here for a printable PDF outlining this service and our contact information for setting up your appointment with a coach.