Services for Adults

Separation happens at all stages of life. You may have only been married for a short time. This may be a second marriage that is breaking up. You may have adult children and grandchildren and ending a 35 plus year marriage. Regardless, it is a painful process and I am here to provide you with the support that you need.

You may also have been separated for some time but are finding that changes associated with moving on are stressful, such as starting a new relationship, or becoming a stepparent. There are any number of circumstances that can propel a family to seek help post-separation.

Therapeutic support for adults experiencing separation can include:
  • Individually working through powerful emotions of anger or grief; feelings of jealousy or unworthiness; hopelessness and fear.
  • Addressing issues together with your partner related to saying goodbye to your marriage and consciously uncoupling.
  • If you have children, discussing aspects of a positive co-parenting relationship and what that looks like for each of you.
  • Working on parenting plans taking into consideration the experiences and needs of your children.
  • Negotiating family relationships with aging parents, adult children and grandchildren, and extended family insofar as these are impacted by your separation.
  • Preparing for mediation, in terms of identifying your interests, values and needs.
  • Learning how to communicate clearly, without blame (i.e. compassionate or non-violent communication.)
  • Actively choosing healing in rebuilding your life.
  • Dealing with the family changes associated with introducing a new partner into the family, or blending families.

Marriages may end, but families are forever.  Negotiating our family lives are always a work in progress.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.Albert Einstein