Clarity.  Perspective.  Meaningful change.


Life is a wonderful, mystical training ground for our growth. We can never really be fully prepared for what lies ahead, but we can open ourselves to listening and learning, and reaching out for help when we are confronted with challenges which seem to call for responses beyond our usual coping skills. This is how we grow in strength, wisdom and the capacity to genuinely connect with each other. I am here to help you with the challenges life brings your way.

It is a privilege for me to work in partnership with my clients who are all striving for greater authenticity and real change, regardless of the particular circumstances which bring them to counselling.  In these website pages, you will find detailed information on my counselling services, which include individual psychotherapy, relationship counselling, marital therapy, and family therapy. I bring 40 years of clinical training and experience to our therapeutic work together. Experience matters, especially in terms of how we come to understand the heart of the difficulties you’re experiencing through a deeper exploration of their meaning for your growth as a person. While I value working with people at all stages of their adult life, I hold an interest in working with older adults who are looking for a therapist sympathetic to the various life transitions that come with aging. These in turn affect couples and families as they struggle with changing expectations of themselves and their loved ones.

Social workers: dedicated to empowering people to thrive

While there are certainly ways in which the work of social workers, psychologists, and counsellors with degrees from other disciplines overlap, social work training emphasizes not only clinical skills, but a thorough understanding of how individuals are impacted by their social contexts.  This approach, often described as “systemic”, offers clients a broader perspective on their situation while identifying appropriate strategies for change.

Having been a registered clinical social worker (BC College of Social Workers) for over 30 years, I have worked in a variety of organizational settings which have given me a deep appreciation of how our social structures can either support or frustrate peoples’ attempts to create better lives for themselves and/or their family members.  I try to assist in finding supportive resources wherever possible.

As with psychologists, social workers are recognized by the federal government as mental health professionals, and therefore GST is not required.  Our services our often covered by national insurance companies, and you may use our receipts as medical receipts for income tax purposes.

We are all just walking each other home.Ram Dass