Educational Foundations

  • Bachelor of Social Work degree, University of Manitoba, 1979.
  • Master of Social Work degree, University of British Columbia, 1982.
  • Registered Clinical Social Worker, BC College of Social Workers, 1990

I have always been committed to life-long learning, and so my university education has always been augmented by participation in numerous training programs, seminars, and workshops during the course of my 35 year (+) career in clinical social work. I have held a particular interest in Jungian analytical psychology; individual depth psychotherapy; developmental psychology; relationship therapy; family systems theory; addictions and eating disorders; and the prevalence, meaning and treatment of depression. Much of my training has been in these areas. I have also met the extensive educational requirements to act as a child specialist or divorce coach within an interdisciplinary collaborative separation process.

Professional Experience

  • Centre for Personal and Community Development, (now Lethbridge Family Services), Counsellor/Coordinator of group services
  • North Shore Family Services, Director of an adolescent treatment centre
  • Victoria Mental Health Centre, Therapist for Children’s Team
  • Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health, Outpatient Social Worker at Jack Ledger House, as well as at Pearkes Integrated Pre-school Program
  • Interlock Employee and Family Assistance Corp., Counsellor providing short-term counselling for employees of contract client organizations
  • CRD Eating Disorders Program: Facilitator for the Weekly Psychoeducational Group for Parents and Significant Others, as well as the Monthly Support Group.
  • Private Practice in counselling and therapy since 1990.
  • Working with families as part of alternative dispute resolution processes since 2003.

I have worked extensively with children, adolescents and their families particularly during the first 10 years of my career, as a therapist but also in providing other kinds of services. My interest in adolescent development led me to create and implement a 12-session Parents of Teens program (through Victoria Mental Health) with the hope of helping families weather this transition period with greater awareness, effectiveness, and patience. I have also been involved in co-leading groups for teens and parents to address specific concerns (eg. social skills; eating disorders; support groups). I believe that community support and resources, and opportunities to share experiences, are so important: it does take a whole village to raise a child.

Since 1990, when I began my private practice, I have been able to pursue more in-depth work with adults and adolescents, individually and through relationship therapy, for a wide variety of presenting issues. This work continues to lead me to into new areas of study and understanding for which I am grateful.

Personal Information

In my roles as daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, employee, friend, and countless others, I do know what it’s like to strive for balance in meeting our responsibilities regardless of how much we may enjoy giving them our attention and care. I also know how difficult it can be to give our own inner life – our own process of development – out time and presence.

I have been committed to my own therapeutic work over the years as the need arises, and I understand the courage it takes to face pain and uncertainty and let it teach us about ourselves and our needs. I have also been committed to a spiritual life, which has taken me in surprising directions though always where I needed to be. I value meditation practice in my own life as a way of cultivating stillness and mindfulness, and am willing to provide encouragement in this practice for those who are interested or who already are attempting to bring meditation to their daily lives.