Spiritual Practice

Given the increase in eastern approaches to fostering well-being and connection with others, such as meditation, mindfulness and metta practices, I have witnessed the confusion that can arise for people when these practices are misunderstood. What could be very helpful practices on the journey of personal and spiritual growth can become more fuel for negative self-judgment when they fail to meet expectations for positive results. Or when they don’t produce the desired effects in relationships, leading to more disillusionment and disconnection.

At these times, a consultation with a therapist who is familiar with these practice and the larger intentions behind them can be useful. As a student of Buddhism for nearly 20 years, having had the great good fortune to have had good teachers, I do understand the pit falls on the path, and can offer some assistance from a psychological perspective to further your practice.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.Albert Einstein